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Back Polyester Slings 1 Tonne

  • Angle Lifting - Use at any angle for lifting, pulling or dragging. Anchor to a secure point able to take load force applied. Allow for contact friction if dragging.
  • Safety Helmets - Protect against falling objects. Compulsory on site. Bump caps protect from overhead obstacles.
  • Sling Lifting - Do not use "load" cable/chain as sling. Prevent hook overcrowding, with a "bow" shackle. Join lifting equipment with a "D" shackle. Protect sharp edges to prevent load damage.
  • Stable Load - Ensure load is balanced & personnel stand clear. Attach "tag" lines to control rotation. Never leave equipment unattended. Ensure unobstructed landing site accepts equipment plus load in size & weight.

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Price List

M5848 1t Flat Bed Web Sling 2m Long Hire Now
M5849 1t Flat Bed Web Sling 3m Long Hire Now
M5850 1t Flat Bed Web Sling 5m Long Hire Now
69517 1t Flat Bed Web Sling 7m Long Hire Now
M6775 1t Flat Bed Web Sling 9m Long Hire Now
69612 1t Round Endless Web Sling 2m Hire Now
69613 1t Round Endless Web Sling 3m Hire Now
M6778 1t Round Endless Web Sling 4m Hire Now
69615 1t Round Endless Web Sling 5m (round) Hire Now

Prices (E and OE) are exclusive of VAT and are in Euros

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