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HSS Hire has an extensive range of heaters that will keep your business warm this winter including: Direct, Indirect, Radiant and Site & Office heaters. So whatever your heating need HSS Hire can help keep you warm. This updated heating guide can help you decide which heater is best for you.

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Heating Guide

The HSS range of heaters can be split into four groups: Direct, Indirect, Radiant and Site & Office Heaters. The four groups emit heat in different ways and suit different environments. Within the HSS range there is a heater to use in almost any situation.

Radiant Heaters

Radiant heaters emit advanced infra-red heat, projecting very intense heat up to 6 metres. The infra-red rays emitted don't warm the air directly, they warm up objects such as people, tables or even the floor. Ideal for shops, garages and hospitals because they are fume free and odourless. Blower, Radiator and Fan Heaters are also available.

Industrial Infra Red Heater Commercial Infra Red Heater Swivel Infra Red Heater Longwave Heater
3-Phase Blower Heater Radiator Heater Fan Heater

Site & Office Heaters

These highly cost-effective and efficient heaters have been especially designed for use in heating offices, site huts and domestic rooms. These radiant and convection heaters are lightweight, portable and easy to position, virtually anywhere in the room.

Retail Heater Radiator Heater Fan Heater LPG Site Heater LPG Catalytic Heater

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Direct Heaters

Ideally suited to providing large volumes of warm air in environments such as warehouses, factories and halls. Direct heaters are most suitable in ventilated areas, as the heating process adds moisture to the air during the combustion process. They are not suitable for drying applications or in areas where a rise in humidity may cause damage to stored materials.

Note: When using a gas heater it is advised to use 2 bottles of gas simultaneously using a pigtail and T-piece connector. This improves the efficiency of the gas and will prevent bottles from freezing.

LPG Blower Heater3-Phase Blower HeaterParaffin Blower Heater

Indirect Heaters

These are ideal for places that need large volumes of clean warm dry air such as halls, marquees and areas where people gather together. Indirect heaters are also ideal for places where ventilation is limited or there is a potential risk to combustible materials. This type of heater is also ideally suited to drying buildings during construction or after flooding because it raises the temperature without raising the relative humidity. Ducting pipes allow you to position the heater up to 10 metres from the area to be warmed, making them perfect for confined, noise sensitive or areas where they may be unsightly.

diesel indirect heaterlpg indirect heaterlpg ducted heateroil fired indirect heater

Which Heater is best for me?

Heater Guide

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Heater Calculator

Working out your heater requirement is simple using the HSS Heater Calculator, just complete this formula to determine the heat output which best suits your circumstances


Heater Calculator
Enter details of the area you wish to heat.
For more information refer to table below
Rise in Temp

Note: If you require an answer in kW output, complete the same formula and divide the answer by 3412


Conversion Table

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Workplace Heater Survey

It is important to select the most appropriate heater for your requirements, HSS provide a free Workplace Heater Survey to help you select the most suitable heater for you. For more information about the Workplace Heater Survey please telephone 08457 28 28 28.

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We Also Sell Gas

HSS Hire can also supply and deliver the fuel to power your heater.

LPG Butane­ This is a natural gas which is generally used indoors (as it freezes at 0ºC) and therefore cannot power heaters in harsh conditions. HSS has canisters available for sale, from 4.5kg to 15kg.

LPG Propane­ Generally used in outdoor applications because of its tolerance to extreme temperatures down to as low as -42ºC. Propane gas will deliver a higher heat output per kilogram of gas than LPG Butane. Propane gas is more efficient and avoids icing if two cylinders are connected together using a pigtail and T-piece. 3.9kg to 47 Kg LPG Propane cylinders are available for sale.

Diesel­ An economical option when heating medium to large sized areas. HSS sells 20 and 25L cans and caters for larger fuel requirements with 45 gallon drums. HSS also has the ability to provide large fuel tanks with 90-500L capacities and offer a fuel management service for customers with large fuel requirements. Red Diesel, when used for heating purposes, is Excise Duty exempt.

Electricity­ Electricity is technically the most efficient, converting 85-95% of the energy used into heat. Electricity is most suitable for heating smaller spaces.

A comprehensive range of generators is available from HSS, along with cables to allow you to link and network your generator and heater(s). To ensure that your hire is safe we recommend that RCD´s are used when electrical heaters are in use.

Gas consumption

Gas chart


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*Paid for weeks must be at the full catalogue price. This offer can be withdrawn at any time. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, promotion or discount. Offers not applicable to Gas.

** Run time assumes you are using largest gas tank available for the fuel type

*** Assuming 1 Day is an 8 hour working day

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